The Shepherd

He called me!
I’m sure of it.
He told me to watch over his sheep.
I did not hesitate.
I was ready.
His sheep heard me and accepted me.

He called me.
Again, I’m sure of it.
He instructed me to teach His sheep.
I did not hesitate.
I taught them.
His sheep listened to me and obeyed me.

He called me.
He definitely did. I know this!
He said I must feed his sheep.
I did not hesitate.
I fed them to their fill.
His sheep now love me and depend on me.

He called me.
No doubt about it!
He assigned me to heal his sheep.
I did not hesitate.
I took away their pain and suffering.
His sheep saw no one else but me.

They depend on me
Me, yes me!
They listen to me.
Me, oh Me!
They obey me.
Me Me Me
They love me.

He called me
Sorry, He tried to call me
I know this
But I couldn’t answer
I am busy taking care of my sheep
My sheep need a teacher, a caregiver and shepherd.
I am all that and more to my sheep.

He called me.
Or did He?
I’m not sure any more
Nope He couldn’t have
Because I’m doing just fine on my own
I’m the perfect leader for these sheep
Since the sheep themselves can’t tell the difference.

Ambee Ibe


  1. Hmm, thoughtful and inspired. May God help us never to forget the purpose of our calling, and He who called us

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