The fight for the destiny of the woman has been on the increase and the enemy will not stop until he sabotages the potent of what the woman carries. Today there is an aberration of the woman, her corruption has become the desire of vile men. Her voice is being fought from being heard and her fellowship with her Creator is being interrupted.

In this decade, I see the rise of this feminine figure that the nation of Nigeria has never seen before. The nation of Nigeria has had and still have some prominent voices of the faith who are the male man but the voice of the female-man has been fought over the years. There are cases of the rise of such woman voice but for one reason or the other that voice will be silenced or made of little impact. The fullness of such ministry has not been felt. But I announce the rise of such voice in the nearest season to come.
We have had the likes of Kathryn Khulman, Amie Mcpherson and others in their time. In recent times, we have the likes of Cindy Trim, Juanita Bynum, Paula White, Joyce Meyers and a host of others outside Africa.

The destiny and the rise of a woman savior to global scale has been fought in Nigeria and some parts of West Africa even to the Eastern part of Africa,but I see them rising in the mid and later part of this decade. I see them in blazing armour. I can even see what they represent as I write this at the moment. I have not been graced to see that which is in other parts of Africa but I could clearly see that in Nigerian. Wow, I can’t wait to meet with her (them). I have been praying for them. I know that in the latter part of this decade we will see many Saviours rising but I don’t know why this female personality is so distinguished among others. She will be introduced to the scene this decade.

She comes with the dimension of a Judge and a prophetess. She arise with the Deborah anointing. There can be no Deborah without a Barak and there can be no Barak without a Deborah. If the Lord is talking about the rise of a Deborah, I could infer that there is also a rise of the Baraks.

She will prophecy to territories, conquer spheres and judge nations right within the boundaries of Nigeria. From up North her sword will pierce down south and to other parts of the nation even beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Listen, I am not talking about a woman whose husband is a pastor or a prophet who will rise upon the platform of her husband but one who is called not by association or the covenant of marriage. Her emergence has been prophesied and prayed for to guaranty the deliverance of her people. Her background disapproves of her destiny, her history despises her glory but yet she will be a voice to her people and a deliverer to territories. I know her by the spirit and not by the flesh. I write this not as a man but as one graced to speak concerning the rise of these Saviours. It’s an awakening and it will happen suddenly that the enemy will not know and understand how but they will emerge.

The present reality will criticize them, they will be fought but with doggedness and truth they will stand firm. The merging of the old and the new reality will bring about what this nation has not experienced in its fullness only but a glimpse. We must be aware of this not to hinder the move of God. Therefore, as custodians of the present truth, we must keep a discerning spirit to recognize the interpretation of the cloud so as not to fight that which we have prayed for. That which we have waited for! Becoming the enemy of our salvation.

Behold, travail oh nations of the earth for your time has come
travail oh Northern Nigeria for your hour is here
Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the death and Christ shall give thee light
Arise and shine for thy light has come
Behold, guardians safeguard your nursery from wolves for out of it our Saviours shall arise
Behold, observe your cave season oh Saviours for your time is nigh
Arsie! Arise ! arise! Oh Saviours, for out of Zion shall come deliverance.

EXERPT:THE BIRTH OF SAVIORS;saving your generation.
Jesse Samson
Royal Ambassadors Global Ministry (RAGOM)


  1. 🔥🔥🔥….I awake, I arise, my present situation doesn’t look it but I see God working it out 🙌.. I’m that woman

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