The Gathering Of Worshipper’s Conference


The Gathering Of Worshippers conference is a Conference for both Young and Old, Great and Small, Worship Leaders, Music Ministers, Musician E. T. C.

Motto: The Motto shall be “ MY WORSHIP

The Mission of the Conference is to build and coordinate an effective gospel music movement through partnership, bringing self to Nothing, Populating the Kingdom of Heaven, mobilization, capacity building, advocacy, public information dissemination, and participatory programming for the efficient administration and propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Gospel Music.

Core Values: The GATHERING OF WORSHIPER’S is rooted in promoting and propagating such core values as:
Lordship of Jesus Christ over all mankind
Jesus Christ being the way, the truth and the life
Unity amongst gospel music ministers
Discipline, integrity, honesty and accountability
Equity and Fairness
Improving the standards of Gospel Music
Encouraging productivity and hard-work amongst Gospel Music Ministers
Ensuring best practices as it relates to Gospel Music.

To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and decent entertainment generally.

To establish a platform that brings together gospel music artistes/ministers in Nigeria for bonding and mutual encouragement.

To protect the rights and interests of all members of the Conference by all legal means and to chart a new course in the Gospel Music scenery.

To establish a community of people sincerely committed to creating a solemn Worship Arena

To win souls and reconcile people back to Jesus Christ.

To train, develop, and promote undeveloped, budding, or established gospel music talents.
To entertain and educate Christians and non-Christians alike with positive messages and values.
To increase spiritual, moral, cultural, economic and social impact of gospel music.

To empower individuals and organisations that aim at promoting gospel music.

To organize the gospel music scene in Nigeria as well as the mainstreaming of the gospel music genre to a point of high significance and impact in the centre of the Nigerian Entertainment industry.

To network with churches, promoters, gospel music associations with a view to meeting the aspirations of members

To organize awards repertoire for members and other organisations in recognition of their efforts in the promotion of gospel music in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large..

NB This ministry is Voluntary… Membership are not Force to join but can be advise to leave if such members are living below the Underline rules and regulations.

Promise Dan Asukwo
Is a privileged Vision Bearer of the Ministry!!!

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