The Church and Her Musicians JJ Hairston Speaks.

I’ve served in music ministry for years. I’ve seen musicians serve churches with their gifts, then leave feeling empty. While the people who experience their gift shout, dance, and leave full.

We’ve covered our hearts from feeling any guilt about this by calling them contractors, but in many cases we treat them like prostitutes. Where we use them for what they can do, and then feel as we owe them nothing but the money on the table.

But because I’ve served in a similar role I understand that compensation doesn’t alleviate the need for relationship. So as a house All Nations Washington DC has vowed that we will not only receive from those who serve in music ministry, but we pour into them as well. We pray for them, their wives, their families, their personal ministries, and their future.

Pastors remember that musicians are more than just their instrument. They’re people just like the others in your church. They have purpose, names, and needs. They need direction, correction, protection, and love. Remember that like David, the one who used to play for you, may one day be your leader.

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