Book Title: The Birth of Saviours: Saving your generation
Book description.
The book “The Birth of Saviours:Saving your generation” is centered towards inspiring and motivating a generation to live up to the uptimum of their potentials to become problem solvers and deliverers in their families, communities, society and the nation at large in a decaying world; in need of saviours than ever before.

Birthing and raising these Saviours is key to the survival of the world, be it in science and technology, family life, politics and governance, education, media and communications and a lot more. “The Birth of saviours ;saving your generation” carefully present time tested truth from God’s Word on how these Saviours can be birthed and deployed into various spheres to be agents of change and transformation in a world in dire need of saviours in the order of the Saviour.

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