Submission guidelines
Microphone Multimedia Blog publishes short stories, essays, drawings, spoken word art, and other forms of written and pictorial art relevant to gospel entertainment, and relevant to our blog policies. Works of art submitted must be otherwise unpublished (in print and digital format) and authored by the person submitting them.
Submissions are open from the May 25 to June 25 2022.
Go to the MM Blog site, read or watch at least two written or video entries, and leave a comment. This is to provide insight as to the nature of content we accept.
All works must be submitted in Word File format and sent via email to They must be short, (less than 1000 words) and written in English (or Pidgin English) and include the author’s full name and entry location (this will be removed from the document before publishing).
Your work will be rejected if it contains vulgar language.
Each artist selected for publishing will be paired with an MM Blog editor who will work with them from submission till final publishing.
MM Blog is responsible for proofreading and copyediting to ensure that there are no typographical errors.
Note that neglect for any of the terms and conditions will result in rejection of your submission.

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