In retrospect,
I always wished for a life that was devoid of pain, hurts, failures and grave mistakes.
But we both know the truth that that isn’t the reality.

So like many, we only project our successes and wins but we rarely talk about our ordeals and how we survived.
Probably, because of the fear of been judged or seen as a weakling or whatever the reason might be.

But recently, my attention was drawn to the beauty in our scars and I felt the need to share.

Let’s go down memory lane when Jesus appeared to the disciples after His death.

In John 20,
John reported Thomas wanting to see β€œthe nail marks in Jesus’ hands” and Jesus invited Thomas, β€œPut your finger here; see My hands. Reach out your hand and put it into My side.” vs 27.

Jesus’ resurrected body had some unique abilities, like walking through closed doors and ascending into the clouds.
It’s beautiful to note that despite these ethereal qualities, it also had a surprising human feature.
Jesus’ resurrected body still showed the ‘SCARS’!

I believe that Jesus could have come back without them but why did He choose to keep these scars?

While pondering, this hit me:
What would have been the proof after Jesus’ resurrection that He survived the crucifixion?
Nothing else but His SCARS.

The nail scarred hands of Jesus confirm beyond the shadow of any doubt that Jesus suffered.
They also tell of his victory and that He conquered.

Often times, life’s most formative experiences are not the triumphs on the mountain top, but those born in the crucible of our deepest anguish.

Although our scars bring to mind unpleasant memories,
They however, remind us of those moments:
…when we could have played it safe but chose to take a risk
…when we could have chosen the easy way out but decided to stay and strive
…when times got tough but we didn’t run and hide.
Instead, we succumbed to the brutality of the moment, persisted through the pain, and survived!

Your scars are proofs that you’ve been healed.
Your scars are testimonials that you did more than just survive.
And if the need arises for you to tell your story, boldly do so without any sense of guilt, shame or fear of been judged. Your scars are your crowns too.

Yours Truly,

Beloved Faith Enenu


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