Interview Session With Yehoshua Julius

Interview Session with Yehoshua Julius writer and convener of the FOP Musical Stage Play.

MM BLOG:Good day sir!
MM BLOG: Can you please give us a brief background on yourself?

Yehoshua Julius: My name is Yehoshua Julius I’m an artist, a singer, songwriter, scriptwriter and an actor. I come from Abia state Nigeria and I’m the last born of the family of 5. Of all the things I do, I enjoy reading and writing the most.

MM BLOG: Who and what inspires what you do?

Yehoshua Julius: I’m inspired by Jesus Christ and His examplary life of sacrifice and servitude yet the greatest: my family and friends, I’m inspired in one way or the other by everyone I meet.

MM BLOG: How has the journey been so far for you? What have you learnt?

Yehoshua Julius: Hmmmm! The journey has been an interesting one and I’m grateful for every success and mistake. It has been a rollercoaster- good days, bad days and in-betweens but I’m truly grateful for it all.
I’ve learnt a lot but on the top of my list is the need to be grateful for the gift of people, people have what you need, be kind, be grateful, be open to ideas- no man is an island. I’ve learnt to approach life in a more endearing way. There’s no shame in failing. I’ve also learnt that there’s no perfect time for anything. Whatever you want to do, take steps, START from somewhere, grow. I’m still basking and learning everyday the victorious life I should live as a believer, I’ve learnt to love to give, I can go on and on but I’d stop here.

MM BLOG: What has been the most interesting part of your growth?

Yehoshua Julius: The most important part of my growth was in realizing that all I need is inside of me, learning that it takes others to help birth some expressions in us, it was the moment I realized that we all have one purpose as believers but have been given different expressions, that moment when I realized that my gift is not for me alone, it’s for a generation and beyond.

MM BLOG: Tell us about your upcoming event “For Ordinary People”.

Yehoshua Julius: For Ordinary People is a musical play projected at using Musical theatre as a medium to preach love, the need to heal and the need to grow in our relationship with God in order to weather the storms and bask in the beauty of life. All these are done by bringing everyday stories to life, and shinning the light on everyday people, what better way to do these than through music, dance and drama all at once.

MM BLOG: What is the long term vision for FOP?

Yehoshua Julius: The long term Vision for the project is to birth a movement that would provide access to mental aid and guidance to all and sundry,it’s also targeted at being a yearly event in different cities across Nigeria and the world at large providing a platform for edifying and world class content.

MM BLOG: What are your final words for those who you inspire and look up to you?

Yehoshua Julius: Never try to fit in, apologize to yourself for all the years you tried to fit into a system, have a personal relationship with God, serve humanity with your gifts, dream big and start. Lastly, we all are Stars we just have to find out what we are supposed to be doing. You are a god, roar!!!

Thank you

MM BLOG: Thank you so much for your time and inspiring words. We pray God’s speed and grace for you as you make your dream a reality. We are proud of you!

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