Interview Session With Minstrel Jid (Part 1)

MM BLOG: Could you please state your full name, Sir?

Minstrel Jid: EJIDIKE UGOCHUKWU CHINEDU (Minstrel Jid)

MM BLOG: Tell us a little bit about your background, what state are you from? When is your birthday?

Minstrel Jid: I am the fifth amongst six siblings. Born in Jos, raised in Jos, schooled partly in Jos and Lugansk, Ukraine. Igbo by tribe but gladly a Plateau man by quality associationšŸ˜Š. A minstrel, entrepreneur, a master’s degree holder in Project Management, and a lover of God. From Anambra state, Nigeria. My birth anniversary is on the 30th of November.

MM BLOG: When did you discover your connection with music? What did that feel like? Did/do you play any musical instruments?

Minstrel Jid: Perhaps could seem cliche but then I discovered my connection with music as a child. Listening to my mum and dad play their gospel selections in the car and my elder sister’s rich collection of gospel songs being that she was active in the choir. Had my first ministration as a child and that experience inspired me and lingered on. Hence my sojourn to PANAM Music College and music ministry in its entirety. And yes, I major on the keyboard.

MM BLOG: When did you decide to become a professional musician? Did you receive the call to music ministry before or after you fell in love with music?

Minstrel Jid: The call to music ministry came after I fell in love with music. The passion was there but the clarity wasn’t. It was a humbling experience to have heard the Lord speak to me about the music ministry at a point in my life that I most needed clarity. And He keeps granting clarity per time. My decision to go professional came few months after the Father’s call.

MM BLOG: Did you have challenges maintaining a balance between your spiritual life, work, and everyday life?
How did you achieve this balance?

Minstrel Jid: Sure I did but over time I learned wisdom from the Holy Spirit and also became very intentional with my life and decisions. There’s nothing the Holy Spirit can’t help us with.

MM BLOG: How do you get inspired to make new music? How would you describe your music?

Minstrel Jid: My inspiration comes from my walk with the Father. The need He’d have I address and the direction He’d love I go. Also, I describe my music as gospel and conscious.

MM BLOG: What do you enjoy the most about being a music minister?

Minstrel Jid: The privilege of being a custodian of heaven’s message and the influence over hearts, pointing them to the Father.

MM Blog: What is your favorite song/album out of all your songs/albums? Why?

Minstrel Jid: Over time, I have learned not to tag any as my favorite cause everything the Holy Spirit inspires is the best. They all address different unique needs in the body of Christ.

MM BLOG: When did you come in contact with the Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria (FOGMMON)?

Minstrel Jid: That would be in 2016.

MM BLOG: What intrigues you the most about your work with FOGMMON?

Minstrel Jid: The opportunity to serve and further the course of the gospel through music and fellowship.

MM BLOG: What’s it like meeting and working with new artists?

Minstrel Jid: Always interesting and amazing. Amazing because I get to see the uniqueness of gifts, ideas, genres, lyrics, and talents embedded in earthen vessels.

MM BLOG: Where would you like to go from here musically and in ministry?
Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years?

Minstrel Jid: Nowhere but His will. I promise. That’s the safest place to be and go. Where He leads I follow. I’ll only be available, learning, growing, productive and dynamic. So basically in tens years, I see myself in His will, still blessings lives with a larger audience.

MM BLOG: What do you have to say to young up-and-coming music ministers?

Minstrel Jid: Seek the Father and every other things will be added. Go to Him for a relationship, not songs. Keep learning, keep growing, stay humble, and be excellent. Don’t put yourself under pressure, work with the Father’s time for your life. Embrace your uniqueness. Finally, the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happens to them all.

MM BLOG: Thank you so much for your time sir, we wish you success in your tenure as the Fogmmon chairman and we pray for God’s bountiful grace upon your life and ministry.

Minstrel Jid: Amen and Amen. Most welcome.

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  1. “Go to Him for relationship and not for songs”, I’ll let these words sink.This is a wholesome message for young music ministers.Thanks for this.

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