Yes, of course, there were fears and concerns because I never thought or planned to be a full time pastor all this while i was working to building up myself to be an accountant, financial analyst, financial consultant and that was why it took me long to get to my degree level but I wanted to get the course i wanted so when God actually called me, and told me he is calling me into full time ministry the first question i asked was how am i going to take care of my family, and God began to give me answer’s from scriptures, one was found in Matthew chapter 10 vs 7-10, where he said as you go, preach the kingdom. And then as you preach that the kingdom is at hand, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and thereafter he went to say a laborer is worthy of his wage. In verse 10 of the Mathew chapter 10″, so he told me if i work for him , he is responsible for my wages and he gave me a scripture from 1 Corinthians 9vs 7.and he clearly said to me from that scripture, no soldier goes to war at his own expensive, so he told me as I responded to his calling, I’m not doing it at my own expense , I’m doing it at the expense of heaven he will take care of my bills and from the scriptures, my fears were elevated and I became confident of what i was going to

Actually, the answers to my fears and concerns were the greatest confirmation i needed so when he responded and gave me this scriptures that i was so sure that i heard the voice of God, i felt that was what i needed to go into ministry so I didn’t ask for any further confirmation again.

Victory power assembly was first delivered to me on Saturday 5th of April, 1996. That was when the lord clearly spoke to me , that he is asking me to pioneer a ministry. Earlier i said i joined ministry full time in 1995, when i did that, i never knew i was going to pioneer a new work.
I was comfortable with where i was working as a pastor under a commission but the vision came on the 6th of April , 1996 and thereafter i began to pray over the vison and he told me he was going to tell me when and where the ministry would be birthed and he led me to the city of jos, in 1997 and we started to work in 1998, 1st of june. But the formal inauguration Victory Power Assembly, took place on a Sunday. 27th of September, 1998. Some of the challenges that really came my way in course of the work first. I remember the year 2000 when the church was 2years and we were to hold our first convention in the second year of the ministry, we had a problem of Venue then we were still going and we were subtenants to the building where we were renting as a church so the owner sold the place without informing us. That was the first major challenge.
We had to find how to just run the convention after pleading with the parties involved, they allowed us to run the convention but the church was closed down on the Sunday of the convention, 8th of October the 2000. And i lost all the members of the church at that time. It was quite challenging and thereafter i began to pray and look for another venue it took us 2 months , December 2000, we were able to get another venue in adetutu street to be precised, in the city of jos and we started all over again with my wife and the lord helped at that point the church became established in that place and from there we were able to buy a piece of land in the year 2006, and then we began the building immediately and we moved to our own building in April, 2008 the second major challenge came shortly after we marked the 10th anniversary of the chrurch. Which was in October 2008, precisely on November 28, 2008.
The whole physical structure and everything we had were burnt down because of the religious crisis in the city of jos and it was quite a major blow. After 10 years of ministry, we lost everything but i trusted the lord we went to a hotel , then it was plaza hotel zaria road, jos and we started fellowshipping there and the lord helped us and instructed me to renovate the building that was burnt down which we did and returned back to that building in 2009, and then we continued.
Another challenge that really mattered or did hit us hard was in August 2021. during another religious crisis in the city of jos one of my prominent members and a Deacon in church was killed not too from the church when he left the premises on his way to tomatoes market,(faringada) that Sunday because we had security attached to our church so he left to go to tomatoes market , he was killed. That sent fear to us, that the church maybe secure during service but the environment is not secure during crisis. So thay major crisis sent us out of our building again in zaria road in the city of jos , and we have to become a tenant in a community called, Rock haven. It was quite challenging but the lord helped us within few months, we were able to acquire another piece of land and we started building. So far so good, God has been faithful.

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