Oluchie Wonder is gospel artist who has a mandate to minister God’s word to men and women everywhere through music. She’s married and blessed with two children.Grateful is a song inspired from the faithfulness of God in Oluchie’s life


I am grateful Lord for your grace
And the strength to run this race
It’s not been easy
Still you came through for me
And from my heart oh God
I give you the praise

For everything you’ve done
For what you’re doing now
And for what you’re about to do
You are worthy oh Lord

For creating new doors for me
For paving new ways for me
Oh Lord I have come to say
You are worthy oh Lord

For fighting my battles
And putting my enemies to shame
And giving me the victory
You are worthy oh Lord

My soul is grateful
My heart is thankful
And my lips will continually say
Your are worthy oh Lord

Lines are falling for me in pleasant places
I can see light at the end of the tunnel
Oh Lord I will stand and declare
You are worthy oh Lord

Kings have come to the brightness of my rising
Gentiles are drawn to my light
It’s my time and it’s my season
You are worthy oh Lord

I will testify of your good
I will tell of your faithfulness oh God
Cuz my heart is full of joy
You are worthy oh Lord.

I’m thankful (×2)
I’m grateful (×2)
I’ll bless you (×2)
I love you (×2)
Oh oh
You are worthy oh Lord

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