One day I sinned against God. I was filled with guilt and shame the whole day.

It got to my prayer time in the evening, everything in me resisted me from praying.

But I forced myself,
Entered my prayer closet and lifted my voice and began to adore the Lord, seeking his mercy and Help.

Then he said to me “You don’t know how much it gladdens my Heart like this when you defile your guilt and excuses to spend time with me, It shows you worship me more than you worship your mistakes.”

I paused!
It sank really deep.

Somebody, you need to stop worshipping your mistakes and past.

Just as a man cannot be too dirty not to be washed by water, so you cannot be too sinful not to be cleansed by prayer.

Just as water cleanses, so does God’s word and presence.

Don’t run from prayers which is the one thing that can save you from your guilt, and wash you into wholeness.

This is deliverance already for someone. Defile that guilt now and seek God’s face, he loves it when we do so.

God is waiting!

Ebenezerite #Afirethatburneth

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